Denise Kovnat Workshop

One Warp, Many Structures:
An Exploration of Extended Parallel Threading
Virtual Zoom Workshop February 2021

As Marian Stubenitsky has shown in Weaving with Echo and Iris, extended parallel threadings offer endless possibilities. In this workshop, designed for advanced beginners and beyond, you will warp your loom in a two-color warp threaded on opposites.* (Drafts will be emailed about December 2.) Working with a variety of tie-ups and treadlings, you will weave a series of designs in Echo, Jin (Turned Taquet'e) and Shadow Weave-and, if you're game to cut off and re-sley your warp, Rep and Double Weave. The takeaway is a sampler of colorful patterns and a broader, deeper understanding of the potential for extended parallel threadings and how to design them.

* To thread on opposites, you would use two colors, A and B, and thread them in a straight draw on 8 shafts this way: Color A would be on shafts 1 through 4 and color B would be on shafts 5 through 8, with the warp threaded in a sequence of 1,   5, 2, 6, 3, 7, 4, 8.

Note: Denise uses a painted warp for these pictures. Your sample will not look the same.

Denise Kovnat's Bio:

Denise Kovnat is a weaver, dyer, occasional spinner and "free-range seamstress" who loves painted warps, collapse weave, and extended parallel threadings-all to make colorful, textured fabrics used in garments, for teaching samples, shows, and sales. Her pieces have been juried into the HGA Convergence fashion shows since 2008.

About 15 years ago, Denise started teaching at the Weaving and Fiber Arts Center in Rochester, NY, and now also teaches at conferences and guilds in Canada and the United States.

At home, Denise weaves on a 16-shaft Toika compu-dobby loom, a 12-shaft Macomber jack loom, a 16-shaft Germaine table loom and a 12-shaft LeClerc table loom. In addition, she likes to travel with her 8-shaft Structo: Just take down the castle, put it in a suitcase, and she's good to go.

Denise has a Blog, which is fantastic and covers a variety of weave structures! This post discusses the weave structures of this workshop:


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